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Fungus and mould spores are everywhere, in the air and on surfaces. It is pretty much impossible to grow cannabis without exposing it to spores, so control of the environment factors like relative humidity and air circulation are critical. Small scale domestic producers may be able to keep a closer eye on their environment and the plants they grow but the current status of UK medical cannabis industry necessitates that pharmacies import product from producers abroad. Until we see consistently high quality (unaffected by Botrytis etc) from all Medical Cannabis pharmacies and producers, it's best to assume that large scale production of medical cannabis has particular challenges with this[1] and that irradiation with Gamma radiation is not 100% effective[2] and may be not a workable solution.[3]

Botrytis infected Medical Cannabis is not safe for inhalation, even for non-immunocompromised individuals.[4]

The Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)[5] requires that medicines:

  •    are of consistent high quality;
  •    are appropriate for their intended use;
  •    meet all applicable requirements.

Budrot (usually Botrytis cinerea) can be tricky to spot, even healthy looking buds with no visible signs of rot can harbour Botrytis mycelium and spores in the centre of the bud where it is more moist and has no airflow at any point during the supply chain. It looks like cobwebs or cotton wool strands. This is easily seen using if you break open a bud and inspect with a jewellers loupe or similar magnifying device (one with an integrated LED is useful). These can be bought for less than £10 from online retailers.

Botrytis mycelium
Botrytis mycelium

Some recent batches[6][7] of NOIDECs were affected; both CBPM and Dispensary Green are investigating/rectifying the issue. However this can happen to any batch/supplier, due to bud rot being hard to spot, quality control will occasionally miss it. It’s therefore advised to inspect your own cannabis before consumption and report any issues to your pharmacy.

Message from Dispensary Green

Product issue - NOIDECS T20:C4 Indica and NOIDECS T20:C4 Sativa

It has come to our attention that inconsistencies have been detected amongst some packs found in two batches of the NOIDECS T20:C4 Indica flower and NOIDECS T20:C4 Sativa flower.

The two batches identified as affected are as follows:

NOIDECS T20:C4 Sativa – 14NS2021002 NOIDECS T20:C4 Indica – 14NI2021002

Since we became aware of these issues with the identified packs, we have been working closely with the manufacturer, BOL Pharma, to begin examination of the batches. The batches in review have been placed in quarantine until there is an outcome to our research, as per our regulations and procedures.

We are working in full transparency and collaboration with BOL Pharma to bring this review to a resolution as soon as tests are completed.

An email and letter containing further information and outlining options will be sent next week to patients that have received products from these batches in the last 45 days.

In the meantime, if you believe your product is affected, please discontinue use until further notice and email your details to [[1]].

Jersey patients who are supplied by Dispensary Green should return products via Reids Pharmacy who will record it and arrange a new prescription and shipment for you. If Reids is your usual pharmacy for medical cannabis dispensing, they will swap for a replacement, stock availability permitting. We shall contact Guernsey patients once we have spoken to the island's Chief Pharmacist.

We guarantee to all patients affected that a suitable replacement will be provided from another batch. If needed, a refund for the products in question may be provided.

Whilst we understand this is not a widespread issue, we sincerely apologise to any patients affected, and will continue to provide further updates on this matter.

Best wishes, Dispensary Green

Message from CBPM to follow

MHRA Recall notice

Company led medicines recall: Noidecs T20/C4 (THC 20%; CBD <4%) Indica Cannabis Flower (unlicensed medicine) and Noidecs T20/C4 (THC 20%; CBD <4%) Sativa Cannabis Flower (unlicensed medicine)

CLMR Number

CLMR (21)A/04

MDR Number

MDR 034-06/21

Company Name

Eaststone Limited MS 32967

Product description

Noidecs T20/C4 (THC 20%; CBD <4%) Indica Cannabis Flower (unlicensed medicine)

Noidecs T20/C4 (THC 20%; CBD <4%) Sativa Cannabis Flower (unlicensed medicine)

Lot Number/ Expiry

Product Name Batch Number Expiry Date Pack Size First Distributed
Noidecs T20/C4 (THC 20%; CBD 4%) Sativa Cannabis Flower 14NS2021002 Dec 2021 10g 09-Apr-2021
Noidecs T20/C4 (THC 20%; CBD 4%) Indica Cannabis Flower 14NI2021002 Dec 2021 10g 30-Apr-2021

Brief Description of Problem

The importer and distributor of the above products (Eaststone Limited) has informed us of reports that two affected batches may be contaminated with mould. Therefore, these batches are being recalled as a precautionary measure. This recall is being issued as a company-led recall due to the limited number of packs distributed, and Eaststone Limited have full traceability of the onward distribution by their customers.

Advice for healthcare professionals and wholesalers

  • Stop supplying the batches above immediately. Quarantine all remaining stock and liaise with Eaststone Limited on the return process.
  • Patients should contact their pharmacist or doctor for advice regarding the affected batches supplied. Where available, arrangements are being made by Eaststone Limited to supply patients with unaffected batches.
  • Any suspected defect of the medicine and/or side effects should be reported via the Yellow Card scheme.

Company Contact for medical information enquiries

For medical information enquiries, please contact: Omair Sattar

Email: [[2]]

Tel: 01942 841 704

Company Contact for stock enquiries

For stock information enquiries, please contact: Omair Sattar

Email: [[3]]

Tel: 01942 841 704

Published 9 June 2021