Applying for medical cannabis (Project 21)

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This is the process for subsidised medical cannabis via Project 21. If you do not meet the criteria/do not get accepted; see: Applying for medical cannabis

Most of these clinics offer video consulations, you don't need to live near one (eg. N.Ireland, Scottish Highlands)

Drug Science have created a video to describe the process:

1. Visit Drug Science's Project 21 page to understand what the project is about:

2. Ensure you meet the criteria

3. Choose a clinic:

4. Book an initial consultation with a relevant specialist (eg. pain specialist for pain)

  • TMCC: Choose Project 21 consultation
  • My Access Clinic: Mention that you wish to join Project 21 in the notes when booking/speaking to the consultant

5. Your consultant will give you an indication of whether or not they think you're a suitable candidate for medical cannabis and/or Project 21

6. Await approval by the Clinical Governance Board (anywhere from a few days to a few weeks)

7. Upon approval, your prescription will be sent to the pharmacy within 2-5 days, who will then contact you for payment.

8. Medication is sent to your house.

9. Book a follow up appointment for 4 weeks after you start the medication.

Other notes:

  • Look at the prices each clinic charges, some may work out cheaper than others
  • 3x follow up appointments are required
  • Full access to your medical record will be requested
  • If you do not get accepted on the scheme, your consultant may still offer you non-subsidised treatment.

Average subsidised prices (subject to change - correct as of 10/09/20):

  • Bud: £150/30g
  • Oil: £150/30ml